AdobeStock 49610950This procedure creates an opening through the skull for removal of a meningioma.  This type of tumor is found in the dura.

The surgeon creates a long, arched incision in the scalp overlying the tumor.  The soft tissue is folded back to expose the skull.  One or more holes are drilled into the skull and then they saw between the holes to free a section of the bone.  The bone flap is removed and stored. 

Soft, flexible retractors are used to hold the healthy brain tissue aside. The surgeon then removes as much of the meningioma as can safely be removed.  Once the meningioma have been removed, the skull flap will be put back in place and anchored with plates and screws.  The skin flap is folded back and sealed with sutures or surgical staples

In some cases, the entire tumor may be removed, but it may be necessary to leave a small amount of the tumor and treat this portion with other methods such as focused radiation.