Maintaining strong, empowering relationships with our patients is a high priority of Flagstaff Neurosurgery. We believe in keeping the lines of communication between patient and physician wide open, and remaining as accessible as possible to those who rely on us to provide guidance and support with their neurosurgical needs.

In an effort to keep all of your information current within our system please complete our Patient Information Form if you have not been seen in a year, or have made changes to your personal information.

Patient Information Update 
Medical Records Request 
Medical Records
  • Scheduling: Please call for scheduling variations, as our physicians do not work the same hours.

  • Appointment Cancellations: If you are going to cancel your appointment please do so at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. Our office is very willing work with you to reschedule your appointment for the earliest availability.

  • Insurance: If you have made changes to your insurance coverage please call our office and provide us with your new insurance information. This way we have your information verified before your next appointment. Feel free to call our staff with any insurance inquiries or clarifications.

  • Medical Forms: Our office will complete medical forms on behalf of our patients at no charge. The patient’s portion of the form provided by the requesting party must be completed. Please provide a stamped, addressed envelope. Please note that forms requiring physician signature may take up to two weeks for completion.

  • Medical Records: All medical record requests must be submitted in writing in order to protect patient confidentiality. Please allow one week for processing your request.